How You Should Spend Time Between Dance Classes

Breaks are an essential part of dance as they give you a chance to catch your breath and allow your body to cool down and get ready for the next class. K2 Dance Studio in Corona believes that dancers should use breaks between their classes in a productive way. Sometimes there’s a transition between classes that requires an outfit change such as that for ballet. Dancers at K2 studios are required to wear the ballet tights and leotard along with ballet shoes, this is done to maintain the style of ballet. Our BOC program here at K2 dance studios in Corona is state of the art and not only pushes for mastering of the basics but offers dancers a career in ballet.

How To Spend Your Breaks:

  • Eat a healthy snack: Fruits, veggies, and nuts are a great snack to keep dancers energized between classes.
  • Complete your homework: This way you can go to bed early and be well rested (good for muscle recovery) instead of staying up late working.
  • Stretch: Use your break as an opportunity to work on flexibility.
  • Foot exercises: Strong and flexible feet are crucial for every dancer. Use your break as a time to work on your foot strength and flexibility.
  • Use the restroom: So you do not have to leave class to do so.
  • Drink Water: Hydrate before class so you are ready to go.

How NOT To Spend Your Breaks:

  • Napping
  • Eating big meals, soda, or candy
  • Gossiping
  • Watching tv or playing games

If your dancer becomes apart of our K2 dance competition team it is crucial that they are well rested because the choreography classes are go-go-go! Make healthy choices in between classes. If a dancer eats unhealthy food or snacks then it will affect their ability to dance. This can lead to a stomachache or a headache when attempting leaps and turns. Snacks we recommend at K2 dance studio consists of fruit, veggies and protein bars.