At K2 dance in Corona we offer a wide range of experiences for your dancer ranging from: weekly technique classes, master classes with guest choreographers, an opportunity to be on our K2 dance comp team, a yearly holiday performance, and a yearly summer recital.
Our Holiday performance at K2 dance in Corona is in-house where we celebrate:
● Your child’s growth throughout the season
● Any combos that your child has learned in class
● The bonds your dancer has made with other dancers throughout the season

It is also a great time to get to know the teachers and management at K2 dance and take a break with the other Dance Moms. We believe at K2 dance studios that it is just as important to bond as a family as it is to improve your dance technique. The dancers really enjoy the recital because it is a moment for them to shine.

Things to do at the Christmas Recital:
● Watch your little one perform
● Take pictures
● Eat good food
● Check out our K2 dance Corona merchandise

Our Holiday/Christmas recital is a favorite among our younger dancers, mainly our little ones in Princess Ballet, Princess Tap etc. They love learning the combos from their teachers and they are such cute performers.  It is also fun to watch and it motivates our dancers to want to try harder and get better.  At K2 dance in Corona we are always striving to give your dancer the best experience they can have both as dancers and as young people. Through our Christmas recital, we are extending that love of dance to a love of community and of building each other up. Around the holidays there is no greater thing of importance than to bring your loved ones together and dance your heart out. When you’re at K2 dance in Corona you feel like family because you are family, every dancer has a personalized experience and we pride ourselves on giving young dancers that experience. Seasons Greetings!