Beginning Yoga:

This yoga class is perfect for anyone who is fairly new to the practice. Ujjayi breath will be practiced and each yoga posture will be demonstrated and explained. You will learn the proper alignment, along with the purpose behind each posture. You will work on strength, flexibility, and balance.

Booty Barre Sculpt (All Purposes):

This yoga class is all about fitness! With a combination of ballet and Pilates, this class targets your lower body. Mostly everything is done at the barre. Come ready to sweat and have some fun!

Cardio Sculpt (All Levels):

Cardio Sculpt is a combination of cardiovascular exercises and muscle sculpting. It is meant to keep your heart rate going while toning and shaping your body to your desire! Come take and have some fun.

Gentle Yoga Flow (All Levels):

The Gentle Flow yoga class will focus on unwinding the body through twists and folds while releasing stress. You will learn to connect the mind and body through guided sequences. This class will provide many gentle stretches and balances. You will leave feeling refreshed and in a state of zen!

Guided Meditation (All Levels):

Guided meditation focuses on body relaxation. It consists of visualizing, breathing, and focusing. This class improves self awareness, and enhances personal growth. So come and be ready to relax!

Mommy and Baby Yoga (All Levels):

This yoga class is designed to give you the opportunity to get your yoga practice in with your baby. All age babies are welcome. The class is light hearted and relaxing. You can use your baby as a weight to make poses more difficult or let her/him hangout next to you on your mat.

Mommy Yoga (All Levels):

This yoga class is perfect for any moms out there! We will be stretching, balancing, and strengthening! You will get a taste of everything while having fun. So bring a towel, water, and a positive attitude.

Pilates (All Levels):

Pilates is meant to improve strength, flexibility, and balance all in one class! The entire class transitions from one exercise to the next while allowing you to maintain a steady breathing pattern. Be prepared to have a good workout while having a good time!

Yin Yoga (All Levels):

This class will offer an opportunity to slow down and unwind. Yin yoga is all about slow deep stretches. We will hold each relaxing stretch for a few minutes allowing you to get deeper into your stretches. Yin yoga restorative and is meant to heal the body while calming the mind.

Yogalates (All Levels):

This class is a combination of yoga and Pilates. We will be adding Pilates movements into our yoga flows to create a strengthening class! We will work our core, booty, and arms. At the end of the class we will enjoy some nice deep stretches.

Yoga Flow (Level 1-2):

Our yoga flow class will challenge your strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility. We will be uniting our breath with movement as we flow through many different postures. We will also be incorporating some fun challenge postures every week. Be prepared to sweat and have fun!

Yoga for ALL:

This class is perfect for everyone! We will be stretching, balancing, and strengthening! You will get a taste of everything while having fun. So bring a towel, water, and a positive attitude.

Yoga Sculpt (All levels):

Unlike any other yoga class, yoga sculpt is very fast paced and very effective when it comes to toning your body! Yoga sculpt tones every major muscle in your body all while keeping them lean. Although the class may be intense, every move is very easy to follow along to.

In addition to our dance options, K2 Dance Studios has incredible yoga classes for all levels and all abilities to enjoy. Choose your yoga class today, and we’ll see you on the mat!