K2 is what we always envisioned as dancers when we were growing up. A dance studio with a strong caring environment. We will have a full program starting from childrens combo classes, all the way to the strong competitive classes and elite training programs and of course yoga. We are a welcoming studio that focuses on a strict but loving approach. We believe in a positive nurturing method of teaching. A great part of our instruction is building confidence so that we can mold a great dancer but most of all a strong individual that can learn to do almost anything!

If you think back to the most powerful and moving dance performances you have ever seen, it’s much more than just performing choreographed moves. The dancers are pouring their heart and souls into their performance, and instead of seeing movements, you feel them. This is what we here at K2 Dance Studios in Corona believe is the essence of dance.

Our kids’ dance classes are tailored to each child’s needs. We begin with the fundamentals, and gradually, as technique and training are mastered, kids learn how to express themselves. They gain self-confidence, poise, and balance. As they master the movements, their self-confidence soars, which translates into all areas of their lives. Here, at K2 Dance Studios in Corona, we develop the whole person, and we believe one of the best ways to do that is through dance. To learn more about what we are all about, stop by today, and sign up for a free dance class!

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