Did you know what exciting things K2 Studios will be offering next season?

Our dance studio will be a complet facility with all aspects of competitive dance and exceptional training. We will also offer dance classes and a recreational program from babies to adult. We will have Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tumbling, Lyrical, yoga and much, much more!

Will we be like the average studio?

Never! Next season, when we establish our competition groups we will have a five group maximum per dancer! At K2 we believe that too many groups does not improve technique. We would rather the dancer spend their time perfecting their technique in a few dance classes, instead of participating in more groups.

Will you be able to do solos at K2 without doing groups?

No, you are not allowed to do solos at competitions unless you are in groups.

Will you be able to choose your solo instructor?

Yes, you will! As long as you have one solo with A K2 instructor you can pick your K2 approved outside choreographer!

Will we be going to competitions or conventions?

We will be going to both competitions and conventions! We think it is important for our dancers to stay current in the convention world so that if the dancer ventures into the entertainment industry, they have the ability to adapt with ease.

At K2 Dance Studios, dance is everything, but dance classes are just the beginning. We have many exciting new things happening with our new studio! We’re so excited for you to join us.