1. Fighting Summer Boredom

    Summer is one of the best times of year. School is out, the weather is exceptional, sleeping in becomes an option again, and the months ahead are full of fun and memories in the making. But as every parent or guardian knows, doldrums can eventually creep their way in. To shift from having total structure and routine to having nothing at all can actually be rather difficult for children to adapt to…Read More

  2. Myths About Dance

    When it comes to dance, there are so many myths that surround this art form and sport. While we have the Lady Gaga types who encourage us to “Just Dance,” there still seem to be a good number of misunderstandings about who can actually dance. At K2 Dance Studios, we are here to dispel the rumors and shed some light on the truth. Take a look at some of the common myths that people have about da…Read More

  3. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new site for K2 Dance Studios! Stay tuned for our latest updates!…Read More