1. Common Ballet Injuries and How to Avoid Them

    Ballet, as well as other dance styles, is meant to look flawless and effortless, as if the dancer is floating across the floor. However, ballet takes a ton of strength, flexibility, and stamina to create such flawless movements. Because ballet and dance, in general, can be so demanding and taxing on the body, it is not uncommon for injuries to occur. At K2 Dance Studios in Corona, we offer a varie…Read More

  2. Ballet Stretches That Improve Flexibility

    Ballet requires a variety of different skills, from balance and endurance to flexibility. As your child practices their ballet regularly, they will be able to improve these skills and become better in this form of dance. There are ways you can help them work on these skills at home! At K2 Dance Studios in Corona, we offer a variety of different ballet classes for children of all skill levels and a…Read More

  3. Basic Ballet Positions Your Child Will Learn In Class

    Ballet is a fun and beautiful dance style that takes patience, skills, and practice. This is a fun dance style for your child to practice and learn, plus it is extremely beneficial for them! As your kiddo begins to do more ballet classes, they will learn new positions that they can practice at home. At K2 Dance Studios in Corona, we offer a variety of dance classes for your children, including bal…Read More

  4. The Benefits of Ballet

    Ballet is a great extracurricular activity for children. The fun and demanding dance style can be a great option for your kiddos and can provide a variety of benefits. Extracurricular activities are beneficial for your child no matter what, and dance is great for kiddos who don’t like team sports. With so many different dance types to choose from, you can find the right one for your child. At K2…Read More

  5. The Different Types of Dance Classes

    Dance is a fun and unique activity for your kid to get involved in that allows them to express themselves creatively and stay active. With so many different dance classes to choose from, it is easy to help your child find one that they love. Whether your child is 12 months or a teenager, we offer dance classes for them. At K2 Dance Studios in Corona, we offer a variety of great dance classes for y…Read More

  6. benefits of kids yoga k2 dance studios corona

    More Benefits of Yoga for Kids

    In today's world, your kids need to be able to cope with the challenges that they will face in adulthood. Increasingly, those challenges are unknown to us as this world constantly evolves. Thus, giving your kids the skills they need to successfully navigate the world no matter what is thrown at them is imperative. K2 Dance Studios in Corona is the premier dance and yoga studio in the area. We offe…Read More

  7. benefits of yoga for kids k2 dance studios corona

    Benefits of Yoga for Kids

    Yoga is a great practice to invest in. It has an overwhelming number of benefits for both the mind and body that it's truly hard to list them all here. However, did you know that yoga has many benefits for kids? K2 Dance Studios in Corona, California, offers kids' dance classes, including yoga, ballet, jazz, modern, and more. We believe in offering a supportive, nurturing, and safe environment for…Read More

  8. common yoga terms for kids k2 dance studio corona

    Common Yoga Terms Your Child Should Know

    Yoga is an ancient practice that has many benefits. It began in India almost 5,000 years ago and encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual practices of disciplines. It uses many physical postures that are great for the body and the mind. It also incorporates breathing techniques to help you focus better mentally. K2 Dance Studios in Corona is a kids' dance studio that offers many forms of dance,…Read More

  9. signs kids should take dance classes k2 dance studios corona

    Signs Your Child Would Love Dance Classes

    When your child is young, it’s extremely hard to tell what he or she would be interested in. And because they have such little experience with the world, it can be hard for them to tell you their interests as well. So how do you know what they would like to do? K2 Dance Studios in Corona offers exceptional kids’ dance classes for all ages. Our classes are tailored not only to age groups, but a…Read More

  10. acrobatics classes K2 dance studios corona

    History of Acrobatics

    If you’ve ever attended a circus, chances are, one of your favorite parts is the acrobats. It is truly amazing to watch what these artists can with their bodies, from twists and turns to holds and flips. Kids want to grow up and be just like them, and adults wish they could do those moves, too. K2 Dance Studios offers the best kids’ dance classes in Corona, including acrobatic classes. We offe…Read More