It’s crazy to think that another summer is already around the corner! It’s important to start getting your family’s summer plans figured out now, as deadlines for summer camps are approaching. You don’t want your child’s summer to be too booked up, but you also don’t want them on their phones and tablets for three months straight, either.

Dance classes in the summer are ideal for every child to consider, whether they’re just starting out in jazz or are a seasoned vet in their ballet classes. Our dance studio in Corona has a few convincing reasons for why you should sign your child up. Learn more, and contact K2 Dance Studios to begin!

Dance classes provide much-needed structure.

Kids (and adults) always need a break — our schedules seem to grow busier as we get older. But kids also need (and thrive) when they are surrounded by routine and structure. While their bedtimes can grow a bit more lax in the summer, kids still require some semblance of routine to help them continue growing in a stable way.

Our summer training classes provide children of all ages with the structure they require, while still allowing for plenty of free time outside of the studio. You can rest assured that for once a week on a Wednesday, all throughout the summer from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., your child is participating in a fun, safe, engaging, and structured routine that helps them grow.

Learning is lost over the summer.

Did you know that over the summer, children lose an average of one month of learning? For children coming from higher poverty backgrounds, the summer slide is even more pronounced — an average of three months of learning is lost.

While the studies have yet to be conducted for students in ballet classes, it all goes back to the classic adage: use it or lose it. If your child has been enrolled in dance classes all year round, then suddenly takes a three-month break, they’re going to have lost a lot of their skills by the time they get back into it. Having to recover and make up for time lost is difficult and frustrating to say the least.

If you’re thinking this only pertains to your 9-year-old who would leave without their shoes on if you didn’t remind them, it’s actually the opposite. Studies show that older children lose information more quickly (though younger kids are still highly susceptible to the summer slide). All the more reason to sign them up for summer training camps with K2, and to keep their dance knowledge strong!

Summer training camps provide social interaction.

It can be hard for children, especially younger kids, to keep up with their friends over the summer. Unless they live in the neighborhood, kids have to rely on parents for scheduled playdates or availability for a ride. This can lead to summer boredom and isolation for many kiddos, of any and all ages.

When you enroll your child in summer training camps with K2 Dance Studios, they’ll be able to see and hang out with their friends from contemporary class or ballet. They’ll even be able to make new friends. Social and emotional growth requires practice at all ages, and our training camps are the social outlet your child needs over the summer.

Training camps can help your child advance.

There are moments in a person’s life where growth seems to take off. Methods or practices were going fine (or maybe they were a struggle), and all of a sudden, something suddenly clicks and everything starts falling into place.

Summer training camps at K2 aren’t only an opportunity for those necessary moments to happen, they can also be instrumental in creating those moments. On top of that, they’ll provide your child with the training they need to stay on par with their dance advancement. Keeping up with training isn’t just necessary for anyone who wants to improve, but also for students who are looking to dance competitively. Engage in the dance community and help your child grow in their dance talents as a whole by signing them up for training this summer!

Dance classes are something to do!

Hearing “I’m bored” is practically a guarantee for most families in the summer. To go from scheduled events, such as school and sports, every day for nine months to suddenly having nothing is quite a shock to the system. There’s a lot of open-endedness in the summer, and even though they might not seem this way, kids don’t want to be on their screens all the time. They’re not going to remember playing video games by themselves later on in life. Kids want something fun and exciting to do!

Our dance courses provide exactly that. While we still offer summer lessons, including everything from acro to ballet classes, our summer training camp is a fun way for your child to continue growing in their dance skills. They’ll have a blast and make tons of memories, all the while they’re strengthening their abilities as a dancer.

If you’re in need of even more reasons why your child should join our summer training camp, feel free to talk to their dance teacher or inquire for more information by giving us a call! But either way, you don’t want to wait for space to fill up — sign up with K2 Dance Studios for a flexible dance camp all summer long!