Welcome back to our blog series on fighting off summer boredom! In our first post, we addressed the importance of finding a balance between “bored” and “busy” throughout the summer. We’ll take a look at some more ideas for how you can set your kids and family up to having an incredible summer, and be sure to check out the classes available at our dance and ballet studio!

Look for events and opportunities.

Lots of places and businesses tend to open their doors and put on fun (and often free) events for the public — many of which are kid-friendly. See what museums, zoos, and other local establishments are doing in your area, and take a visit for something exciting and different.

Visit the library.

Public libraries usually put on some awesome incentive programs for kids in the summer to encourage them to keep up with their reading. Make it a habit to visit the library every week or every other week to stock up on some great books, and maybe build a tradition of hitting up a park afterward with some snacks and books in tow for some quality outdoor reading time. Not to mention, most libraries also tend to have excellent events that they host for kids of all ages.

Do something new each week.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but trying something new every week is an easy way to make some incredible memories with your family. Visit a new park, take a beach trip, go to the pool, pick a new craft project to play around with, or even just try the newest ice cream flavor at the local shop. This is an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with your family, and will be sure to spice up a summer day.

Continue activities that your child loves.

The flexibility of summer makes it easier for kids to spend time developing their passions and interests. From ballet class to piano lessons, summer is the season to continue practicing and growing in one’s craft. Not only does this provide your child some structure and routine that can help prevent boredom, it also is essential for them to keep improving and growing in this hobby or passion.

At K2 Dance Studios, we offer a wide range of dance classes for an equally wide range of ages and levels. For students who are looking to advance and make it into a competitive dance track, practicing throughout the summer is a must. Our dance and ballet studio has auditions for our competition team coming up on July 21st, so the beginning of summer is a great opportunity for your child to continue honing their craft.

Summer is super fun, and is best experienced when a balance between free time and activities is found. Our dance and ballet studio in Corona has a number of opportunities for learning and exploring dance, and would love to have you join! Learn more about registration, and feel free to call us with any questions for summer dance classes.