Contemporary is a form of dance that merges all three styles: Ballet, Jazz, and Lyrical. Contemporary is considered to be the most popular form of dance today and continues to grow as the years go by. It incorporates a great amount of movement as well as technique and focuses on the lines of a dancer. This dance can be performed both at a faster and/or slower pace depending on the choreography.

Our contemporary classes consist of stretching the dancers muscles deeply and thoroughly when first starting the class, then it continues to the across the floor section of the class which consists of various progressions that have been assigned to them by the instructor as well as practicing their technique. Progressions are a form of a combination that consists of multiple movements containing legs, turns, fluidity, floor work and a strong focus on lines. Usually towards the second half of a contemporary class there is a piece of choreography taught to the students for them to dance to so they can improve their learning skills and master memorization of choreography quickly.