When it comes to dance, there are so many myths that surround this art form and sport. While we have the Lady Gaga types who encourage us to “Just Dance,” there still seem to be a good number of misunderstandings about who can actually dance. At K2 Dance Studios, we are here to dispel the rumors and shed some light on the truth. Take a look at some of the common myths that people have about dance, and contact our dance and yoga studio today to learn more about our classes and lessons!

Myth #1: Dance lessons are only for children.

We hear this one time and again. Many people think that dance needs to be started and learned at a young age in order to be really good. To be fair, there is definitely some merit to starting your children early in a sport or hobby. Building the foundations early can mean more years and time to grow in one’s craft, but dance lessons can be taken up at any age! If you’ve always wanted to take a dance class but have never had the opportunity to, it’s never too late to try it out.

Myth #2: Dance types and forms are not related.

It’s pretty easy to look at the fast-paced movements of hip hop compared to the technical work of ballet and think that there’s very few similarities. Or perhaps you’ve studied jazz growing up and now want to transition into ballet, but feel like it will be borderline impossible to learn. The fact is, dance forms have some very common ground between them — a key factor being the ability to control your body and facilitate specific movements. There are differences, to be sure, but the methods and overall ideas can absolute from dance style to style.

Myth #3: To dance, you just have to go for it.

If it’s at your cousin’s wedding, a Cardi B song comes on, and the dance floor is calling your name, absolutely. But if you’re seriously practicing dance or taking lessons, it’s quite the opposite. Stretching and taking care of your body is absolutely essential to preventing injury, and you should also pursue other activities to balance out the work that your body does. This is part of why we are a dance and yoga studio, because we know how necessary yoga is to slow down and counter the strain that dance can have on your body.

Myth #4: Dancing is just a fun thing to do.

It’s true, dancing can be extremely fun — but that does not lessen the skill and athleticism that’s involved. At our dance and yoga studio, you can find dance classes for your young one (like our Princess Ballet class), fun courses to try, and also a competitive dance team that steps up performance aspect of dance. In short, dance can just be a fun thing to do, but it can also become one of your passions and a more serious endeavor.

K2 Dance Studios offers a number of classes at our dance and yoga studio, ranging from hip hop to ballet, to jazz and so much more. Our yoga classes are also an incredible feature of our facility, and offer an amazing way for you to deepen your practice. If there’s anything else that we like to convey, it’s that dance opens so many amazing doors for people. Embarking on taking dance classes could create a new passion for you, a new favorite athletic activity, a competitive sport, or another way to break it down at those upcoming weddings. No matter what, know that most of the myths of dance are simply that, myths. Come visit us at our studio or sign up today for the best in dance and yoga in Corona!