It can be pretty difficult to keep your little one’s mind engaged and their body active — especially since it seems like all they want to do is have their nose glued to a screen. While there are many great options out there, such as signing them up for youth sports, there is one class that may have skipped your mind that will provide them with bountiful benefits: dance! More than likely, your child already moves and grooves when one of their favorite songs come on, so why not encourage them to improve their skills? While the main reason you should sign them up is because of the tremendous amount of fun that they’ll have, there are a multitude of perks that they will get by taking a class! Learn more in this blog post, and if you are ready to enroll them in dance classes in Corona, contact K2 Dance Studio today!

Promotes Creativity

As you well know, a child’s imagination is such an incredible thing! They can create their own worlds wherever they may be, from pretending to be a princess in a fairytale land to being president of the United States; their mind is so powerful and it is so important for you to encourage their creativity. Dance will help! They will be able to tell stories and express their feelings without even uttering a single word! Dance is a magnificent art form and will help them get a better grip on the arts and music.

Helps Them Make Friends

Sometimes it can be tough for children to make friends, especially if they are new in town or don’t know many other children their age. However, it’s necessary for you to help them develop social skills so that school and other activities aren’t so intimidating because they’ll have the confidence to meet new people. Dance class will help significantly with this! They may be a little bit wary when they first join the class, but in time, they’ll realize that everyone is working together to become the best dancers that they can be and will eventually make some of their best childhood friends!

Better Classroom Performance

You may be surprised to learn, but enrolling your kiddo in a dance class will help them to succeed in school as well! Not only will they be better at socializing, but following directions and being better disciplined as well. While all of our dance instructors make sure that each dance lesson is fun, that doesn’t mean that there is not any structure. We want to help teach our students to be the best that they can be, and that means that they require the tiny dancers to listen and follow instructions thoroughly. This will carry over into school where they will listen better to their teachers.

Active Lifestyle

You want your child to know how important it is to live a healthy and active lifestyle as young as possible — especially these days where children would rather play games on a smartphone or sit in front of the TV for hours instead of getting out and playing with friends. Dance is an incredible workout, even for children, so when they visit our dance studio for class, they will learn how great it is to stay active which will stay with them long after they get out of class.

Great Time

While there are countless benefits that come with having your child attend dance classes, we can’t forget the most important, the fun that they will have! Even if your little one is shy when they first attend our studio, they will quickly learn how fun it is to learn how to dance and will be excited for their next class! They aren’t the only ones that will have a good time either, encourage your child to show you what they’ve learned in class. This will be a great bonding opportunity for the two of you and they will love showing off their moves!

If you have been thinking about signing your child up for dance classes, what are you waiting for? There are so many reasons to have them enrolled and you and your child won’t regret the decision! If you would like to learn more about our dance studio or the dance classes that we offer in Corona, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.