“Sorry, I can’t, I have dance” is a saying a competitive dancer will proudly get used to saying. At K2 Dance Studios in Corona your dancer will happily say so because we offer the best competition dance teams in Corona. Our dance class teachers do not simply tell you what to do, they show you what they want you to do, full out and exceptionally well. Our competition team is run by Kierra and Kenzie Fischer, professional twin dancers who have been competitive dancers their entire lives and through the competition team at K2 dance in Corona, they share all of the secrets of becoming a successful competitive and professional dancer.

Competitive dance paves the way for your dancer into the industry of dance. All judges at competitions are either choreographers or directors of companies and their critiques will improve your dancer and will promote their chances of being recognized at casting calls. The way into the industry today is through social media. We offer a wide range of dance classes with amazing choreographers which will be filmed and posted online. This assists your dancer in getting their names out there. To take it further, our competition team highlights the progression of learning choreography from either Kierra, Kenzie or a guest choreographer which is necessary for being a professional dancer. The memorization of choreography is one of the biggest aspects of being a competitive and professional dancer, you must know the number you are going to perform by heart and it has to be CLEAN! We allot the right amount of time for your dancer to learn the choreography and be able to clean up the dance itself. Competitive dance provides a fun challenge that requires strategy, thoughtfulness, and teamwork. The skills learned during competitive dance class go far and beyond from learning dance alone.

The impact of competitive dance on your life is one that your dancer will never regret. Not only do we teach hard work, but we also offer team bonding and that feeling of working hard for the end result — not only for yourself. Your dancer learns that whether they are in the front or back does not matter; what matters is the way the group looks as a whole. Everyone is seen on the stage so everyone must match and do the choreography well. On a competitive team, you make friends that will last a lifetime. The bond that is established through competitive dancers and their teammates is invaluable. On our competitive dance team, you know that your teammates will catch you both when you are choreographed to fall — as well as when you actually fall.

Yes, of course, you will be very busy as a dancer on K2 dance’s competitive dance team, however, it is time well spent. The best part of being a competitive dancer on the K2 team is when your dancer walks off the stage knowing that they have performed the dance to the best of their ability. That feeling in their hearts is the most important because it pushes your dancer to always fight for that feeling. To always fight to be the best and want that both in their dance life and in their day-to-day life.

We’re currently offering half off for new members at our dance studio. From jazz to tap and everything in between, there’s a dance class for everyone. Sign up for courses, learn more about auditioning for the competitive dance team, and join the K2 Dance Studios family!