Ballet is a dance form that seemingly has existed since the dawn of time. The pink tutus and the pointed shoes are a relic in the dance world, and nearly every great dancer has taken a ballet course at some point or another. Ballet is revered for its precise, yet fluid movements, ones which require undeniable strength, skill, poise, and balance. Most people have such a decent understanding about ballet that they can even name certain performances — ”The Nutcracker” and “Swan Lake” are two of the most well-known.

Society collectively has a fairly good understanding about ballet, but there are plenty of fun (and even jaw-dropping) facts about this type of dance that most don’t know. Our dance studio is proud to offer ballet courses at every level — from toddler dance classes all the way up through high school. Learn more about this incredible art form, and sign up today with K2 Dance Studios in Corona!

Weight For It

Ballet is incredibly demanding on a person’s body — it’s no surprise that dancers push their bodies to the limits when performing ballet, but some of these facts are practically unbelievable!

  • During just a single performance, a male dancer can lift upwards of 1.5 tons worth of ballerinas.
  • When a dancer jumps on pointe, they carry three times their body weight, all on the tip of their toe!

Dress For Success

If there’s one thing ballet is known for, other than the insane skill and sheer talent of dancers, it’s the costumes. The iconic tutu and ballet shoes are seemingly staples to the art form.

  • When ballet started in Italy during the Renaissance period, dancers initially wore masks. They also wore shoes that looked more like dress shoes or heels than the traditional ballet ones of today.
  • A tutu can take nearly 90 hours to make!
  • To add onto that, tutus can cost in the thousands to make — some quotes are higher than $3,000.
  • Pointe shoes have a tip that’s actually a sturdy and rigid box, comprised of layers of cardboard, fabric, and glue.
  • Professional dancers tend to go through two or even three pairs of ballet shoes in a week. In certain performances, they can go through two or three just in that span of time.
  • Oftentimes, costumes are so fragile that they cannot be washed between performances. Instead, they need to just be hung up and spritzed with freshener until the next show.
  • The tights of male dancers during a performance can be stretched across the stage (lengthwise) and back a little more than three times.

Wrecking Those Records

Like every sport, there’s someone who has the highest record in the world for a given skill, and they stand above the rest. For any ballerinas reading this, see if there’s any that you can beat!

  • In 2013, Sophia Lucia set the world record for most pirouettes. She got three tries to break the record, her numbers for each trial were 47, 48, and then 55 for the final round!
  • The record for most fouettés en tournant performed in 30 seconds was set by Elena Glurdijidze in 2009; she hit 36.
  • Dancer Yat-Seng Chang of Cuba performed 44 grandes pirouettes a la seconde in 30 seconds, setting the record in 2009.
  • Not a world record, but performing a ballet takes the same amount of energy as playing two soccer matches, or running 18 miles. We think that in itself is more than impressive.

We Have Some History

When something like ballet has been around for centuries, there’s a lot of history and stories to be told.

  • After becoming popular in Italy during the 16th century, ballet spread to France and Russia in the centuries to follow.
  • Up until 1681, women were not allowed to dance in public, and therefore couldn’t perform in the ballet.
  • By 1850, Russia was leading the way in ballet, and started adding new looks and illusions to their performances.
  • The Royal Ballet of London was founded in 1931 — this is right around the time when ballet grew popular in the United States as well.

Bonus Fact

One ballet show can entail 5,000 hours of practice going into the performance!

And for a final fun fact, you can join our dance studio in Corona to begin your own ballet classes! Our instructors are highly trained in the art of ballet and all dance forms, and when you build ballet as your foundation of dance, you’ll be in impeccable shape to take on other types of dance — not to mention experience a positive impact on your life as a whole. This is true for all of our dance classes offered, but ballet is always an incredible place to start. Sign up with K2 Dance Studios today, and see how far your dance experiences can take you!