It’s the age-old adage we’ve heard time and again: practice makes perfect. We know that practice is important, but how exactly does it all work, and how does precise and purposeful practice play into dance classes? Our dance studio is here to tell all. Take a look at how the art of practice works, and start implementing these tips today to make your dance technique better than ever.

How does practice work?

A lot of practice boils down to repetition. Whether you’re a musician or a ballerina, much of how you grow in skills comes from practicing the same techniques, again and again, until it becomes familiar. Eventually, certain motions aren’t just familiar, they’re muscle memory and practically instinctual.

Practice needs to be purposeful.

Deliberate practice — which, according to Rice University is “ defined as engagement in structured activities created specifically to improve performance in a specific field” — has been proven to make a difference in overall performance. However, the key part to this idea is “deliberate.” One can’t simply “show up” to practice and expect to do well. Listening to coaches, working to build the foundations and improve technique, and having the right mindset are essential to overall growth.

Practice requires a growth mindset.

Those who say “I can’t do it” and “I’ll never learn this” are usually right. So much of the success of one’s practice revolves around having the proper mindset, one which is growth-oriented. This necessitates thinking positively and critically, being able to celebrate your successes while being motivated to continue to improve. It’s taking tough moments and turning them into learning experiences, and it is essential to seeing the results you’re looking for.

Practice builds on prior knowledge.

No one starts out reading “Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone” before learning their ABCs — nearly everyone masters the alphabet, then sounds and words, then sentences, then stories. Nearly every skill we currently have relies on some kind of base of prior knowledge, and the same can be said for practice. When you take classes at our dance studio, for example, you’ll be placed in a level-appropriate class that meets you where you’re at, while also challenging you to grow on the skills that you pick up.

Becoming a Better Dancer

Picking up on that last example, understanding how practice works is simply essential to your growth as a dancer. Here are a couple takeaways and recommendations K2 Dance Studios has for you to consider:

Take more classes.

Unless you have a dance studio in your basement (which, that’s awesome), there’s a really good chance you don’t have the space to truly grow in your skills. Plus, a dance class is deliberately designed to promote growth on your existing talents, and helping you target your next goals.

Listen to your dance coaches.

Feedback in dance can seem tough, because we all want to be good and get it right the first time. But listening to your dance coaches is truly the only way you’ll learn and grow, because you’ll be hearing ideas and suggestions from the pros who have been exactly where you’re standing (or should we say, dancing).

Listening to your dance coaches isn’t solely for your own growth, it’s also for your safety. Having the wrong technique can teach improper and even dangerous habits, ones that could be detrimental to your body if they continue. We strongly encourage our dancers to take the courses we recommend, so that proper techniques can be established and routine, and safety can continue being the first priority.

Have fun!

You can be driven as all get out to succeed in your dance classes, and we love that quality in our students. But if you don’t have fun with dance, you’re not going to enjoy practice, and you’re not going to grow nearly as much as if you find joy in what you do. The time you spend at our dance studio is where you’ll create lasting friendships and memories — all while improving your form and overall skill. Relish in the art and passion that dance provides.

When you enter into any kind of new sport or hobby, it can be intimidating to think of yourself as a beginner. You know that you have a lot to learn, and that there are many others who are better than where you’re at, but don’t let that stop you from trying or going for something that you love! Instead, let those aspects be something to motivate you, and help you strive with determination to continue to be better.

K2 Dance Studios has an array of dance classes for you to take on, all of which are designed to help you grow. From ballet to hip-hop and jazz, there’s something for everyone at our Corona dance studio. Get started by signing up today!