Lyrical is a combination of Ballet and Jazz. This form of dance is usually performed at a pace quicker than Ballet but slower than Jazz. Lyrical also has a balance between technique and lyrical movement taught. The technique in lyrical focuses on the legs of a dancer to form beautiful lines that create a picture of the dancer while they are performing. Technical focus will also be on turns and making sure dancers have proper placement while dancing. Along with teaching the proper technique and movement for Lyrical, the instructors also teach the dancers how to perform the piece, for performance is a great part in Lyrical.

Our classes in Lyrical begin by performing a series of stretches like lunges, straddle, splits, over stretching, and other stretches for proper safety and flexibility. After the dancers are stretched and warmed up, the instructor continues the class by having them go across the floor and perform a series of technique based combinations like high kicks, turns, jumps, etc. Once they have completed their technique section of the class they continue on to learn a unique combinations that the instructor choreographs for them. They normally learn a new piece of choreography every class to strengthen their memory skill, so that they may have the ability to learn and catch on to new choreography anytime and anywhere!