K2 Dance Studio in Corona believes in developing all aspects of our students. Thus, while dance form and technique are emphasized, we realize that learning to dance translates into all areas of life.

As part of our mission to develop our students holistically, we’ve added yoga classes to our offerings. With yoga, our mission is to create a friendly and relaxed environment for students to come and discover the magic of yoga. There are so many benefits to yoga, that we thought we’d list some of our favorites below.

Benefits of Yoga

  • ​Practice with patience
  • Positive energy
  • Smile often
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Be present
  • Feel better
  • Increased Strength & Flexibility: Yoga helps flexibility and mobility by releasing tension held in the hips, shoulders, wrists, ankles, and everywhere in between!
  • Stress relief: Yoga deepens relaxation through meditation which results in a decrease of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Pain Relief: There are hundreds of yoga poses, and each one has unique benefits. Many poses aid in healing areas that hold pain.
  • Improve circulation: Yoga helps circulation of the blood, and digestion system through twists, bends, and folds.

We believe yoga is for everyone. It offers something unique to everyone as well. Taking the time to explore how yoga can benefit you, from helping with stress relief to improving your balance, strength, and flexibility, will only make you a better dancer and a better overall human being as you take the time to explore your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Below are some helpful tips for you to consider.

​Yoga Tips

  • It is best to practice on an empty stomach.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water before coming to class. Your muscles will function better when properly hydrated.
  • Leave ALL competitive vibes at the door. This means competitive thoughts towards yourself as well as others. Everyone should be focused on their own practice and progression. Trying to get further into a pose with competitive energy is setting yourself up for injury.
  • Try different classes! We offer many different styles. Each class will provide a different experience. Click this link to see different classes we offer.
  • Bring a towel, water and a mat if you prefer to use your own.
  • For every excuse we have a modification! Don’t ever let yourself think that it is impossible. We use straps, blocks, blankets, and knowledge to provide every modification possible. So no matter your size, shape, or age YOU CAN DO IT!

K2 Dance Studio in Corona offers the best yoga classes. We encourage our students to take a few yoga classes in order to reap the benefits of strength and mental toughness. These kids’ yoga classes are tailored to the students, so they will not only get a great workout, but they will also have fun.

In addition, we offer kids’ dance classes for kids ages 12 months and up. We offer a caring environment where we believe in positive reinforcement while we encourage our students to reach their full potential. At K2 Dance Studio, we want all of our students to reach for the stars. We teach practice, patience, and dedication to all of our students, which we hope not only translates into amazing dance careers, but also transcends to school and life. Dance classes are not for the faint at heart. You will need mental toughness to keep practicing through frustration, and you will need gumption to hang in there when the going gets tough — all of which we cultivate in our dance students. Contact us today for a free yoga or dance class!