benefits of yoga for kids k2 dance studios corona

Yoga is a great practice to invest in. It has an overwhelming number of benefits for both the mind and body that it’s truly hard to list them all here. However, did you know that yoga has many benefits for kids?

K2 Dance Studios in Corona, California, offers kids’ dance classes, including yoga, ballet, jazz, modern, and more. We believe in offering a supportive, nurturing, and safe environment for your child to not only gain the fundamentals of dance classes, but also offer them a place where they can grow as a person. Our holistic style of dance classes trains the entire person and meets them exactly where they are so that they can receive what they need. Below, we’ll go over some of the many benefits of yoga classes for kids. Contact us today to get started!


Kids Will Learn Determination and Perseverance

There are so many uncertainties in life, and as your child grows, they will face more and more of them. Let’s face it, we can only shelter them for so long until they do have to enter the adult world. They will need defining characteristics in order to overcome obstacles and succeed in their lives. Yoga is a progressive practice, meaning the more you do it, the better you get. This creates excitement in kids, and they can’t wait until the next class to get started. Also, they will learn that sticking with something and not quitting can be rewarding.

Kids Will Learn to Focus

Let’s face it, the modern world is distracting, even for adults. How many times have you pulled your phone out to make a phone call only to be distracted by a new email, an Instagram notification, or an emergency alert on your phone? Kids are subject to even more distractions since they grew up living it day-to-day. Yoga will teach your child how to focus by holding certain postures and by practicing breathing techniques while they focus on one thought. Yoga also teaches kids to be present in the moment, which will help with listening skills as well.

Kids Will Improve Their Memory and Cognitive Abilities

Yoga definitely requires concentration and focus. When they are asked to hold a tree pose for 60 seconds (essentially balancing on one leg), they will have to concentrate to do so. Yoga is also full of many flows that are the same patterns repeatedly. Soon, your child will have these flows memorized, which also makes them easier to do. Engaging in an activity that requires intense focus, such as yoga, translates to your ability to focus for longer periods of time repeatedly. Thus, school will become easier, especially as the teacher lectures for 50 minutes, and your child will be better able to grow later on in life as well.


One of the many benefits of choosing K2 Dance Studios in Corona as your kids’ dance studio of choice is that you have many options under one roof. You can enroll your child in dance class and in yoga class so that they get the benefits of both. It’s so important these days where a screen is everywhere to get your kids moving and keep them moving.

By enrolling your child in a dance class at an early age, you are not only showing them the importance of physical movement, but you are also giving them the opportunity to discover a sport that they love. Both dance and yoga are activities that can be practiced well into adulthood, with the same benefits that movement affords. With childhood obesity on the rise and the distractions of the media age, your child needs to find an active passion.

K2 Dance Studios in Corona is passionate about teaching your child in a positive, nurturing environment. While we focus on solid techniques, we have fun doing it, so that your kids’ time in dance and yoga classes fly by. Our mission is to be the highlight of your child’s week. We believe that dance offers a unique opportunity for children to express themselves, and yoga will help your child form life-long skills. Contact us today to learn more!