benefits of kids yoga k2 dance studios corona

In today’s world, your kids need to be able to cope with the challenges that they will face in adulthood. Increasingly, those challenges are unknown to us as this world constantly evolves. Thus, giving your kids the skills they need to successfully navigate the world no matter what is thrown at them is imperative.

K2 Dance Studios in Corona is the premier dance and yoga studio in the area. We offer a wide variety of kids’ dance classes, including ballet, acrobatics, lyrical, hip hop, yoga, and more. Our kids’ dance classes are taught by amazing instructors who all have years of experience helping kids learn and grow. Our mission is to equip your child to obtain their dreams, whatever those may be, through the discipline of dance and yoga. Below, we’ll go over more benefits that the practice of yoga offers kids. Contact our dance studio today to learn more!


Kids Will Improve Balance and Coordination

Many kids love to play sports, from football and baseball to gymnastics and soccer. All sports require some degree of balance and coordination, whether you are chasing a fly ball or you are standing on a balance beam. Thus, the practice of yoga will help kids become better all-around athletes in their chosen sports. Further, as kids age, balance and coordination can prevent some nasty falls as well, preventing injury. Practicing balance moves also improves your strength, which is important for injury prevention as well. Even if your child struggles to balance on one foot, for example, they will be improving their mental skills trying to do so.

Kids Can Reduce Their Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety has been shown repeatedly to reduce our life expectancy and our quality of life. After all, if you are worried about events outside of your control, you can’t properly function at the task at hand, whether it’s school work or your career. Stress can affect us physically as well, from tight muscles in our bodies, which can affect mobility, to a racing heart or a headache. Yoga teaches kids to let go of the negativity that surrounds them and that is in their body. It teaches them to use their breathing to calm their bodies, which results in a lower blood pressure and less stress overall. Tension is released that they have been harboring, and they will feel better immensely.

Kids Will Learn Healthy Habits

Any exercise program, including dance, gives kids an awareness of what their body is capable of. However, they will also learn that if you don’t take care of yourself, your body won’t be able to perform. At K2 Dance Studios, we use this opportunity to talk about healthy habits, such as the benefits exercise, eating healthy, and getting adequate sleep have in athletic performance and in their lives. Your child will learn how to take care of their bodies and their minds with yoga.


K2 Dance Studios in Corona is dedicated to seeing your child grow, blossom, and bloom. We teach kids in a strict, but loving approach. We encourage self-expression and love to see kids pour their heart and souls into dance and yoga. We utilize solid form and technique to achieve dance and yoga milestones that will increase your child’s self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-confidence. We meet every child right where they are at. Our holistic approach is unrivaled. Our wide array of classes assures that there is something for everyone, from the recreational dance classes to the competitive levels.

K2 Dance Studios in Corona welcomes all children, regardless of background or experience. In fact, we can’t wait to meet you and show you everything we have to offer. Call us today to learn more!