There are a number of things which are collectively believed to be learned best when someone is young. Languages, skiing, gymnastics, and of course, dance, are all recommended to be learned sooner rather than later. But why is learning something, such as learning dance, so important to start early?

Our dance and yoga studio in Corona is here to explain. See why starting dance classes early is so beneficial, and sign up today with K2 Dance Studios to get started! Enrollment is filling up fast, so be sure to reserve your child’s spot before it’s too late.

Learning Safe and Proper Techniques

As we get older, we have a tendency to develop more fears. Teaching dance later can be a bit detrimental, because our bodies might try different movements or techniques in a way that’s actually harmful in the long run. Overcompensation, or poorly learned form, can both lead to a number of injuries if not corrected right away. By taking dance lessons early on, children learn the correct forms, movements, and postures as they are continuing to develop their sense of their own bodies and the world itself. This builds muscle memory early on, which sets the stage for practicing dance safely throughout the years to come.

Guiding Development

Dance encourages so many forms of development, and with your child practicing them early and at a young age, it’s likely they’ll be ahead of their peers in many ways. Rhythm and coordination are two of the biggest things that come to mind — excellent skills to take into account as your child learns how to run, jump, skip, and move around in their world. Plus, learning and working with music at a young age has significant benefits as well. In fact, dance has been shown to positively help students learn math concepts and other academic skills!

But to go even further, dance encourages social development with each and every class. Children will be learning and interacting with their peers, and having fun with each and every course offered at our dance and yoga studio! Social growth is an equally important and necessary part of development, and dance classes are a great opportunity to practice these skills as well.

Build the Foundation

As is true for any beautiful house or building, the foundation was where it all began — and the final product would be nothing without it. The same can be said for dance classes, and the sooner that foundation is built, the sooner your child has a chance to expand their talents and excel as a whole.

Certain classes, like our princess ballet class, are fun and a great introduction to dance for our youngest dancers, but they serve a greater purpose. With classical ballet as a foundation, your child can branch off into so many different dance directions, all of which pull from their base knowledge. Hip-hop, tap, contemporary, and so many more draw their roots from ballet — by starting dance classes early, your child has more options later.

Fitness and Fun

Not only does dance build the foundation of dance styles and techniques, it also encourages healthy habits. Implementing exercise and fitness into our day-to-day lives is so important, and a necessary component to having an overall better quality of life. But it’s not just making fitness happen — people are more inclined to exercise if they love what they’re doing (which anyone who’s ever dreaded running on a treadmill can relate to).

Simply put, the classes at our dance and yoga studio in Corona are fun! Kids love getting to move to music, learn new skills, interact with others, and see the growth and accomplishment of their hard work. Building these healthy habits early builds positive correlations for kids to love dance and fitness, all throughout their life.

We encourage all to enroll at our dance and yoga studio, but there is definitely a lot of merit to starting dance classes early. Offering ballet for children as young as 18 months, the options for beginning dance are practically endless. Sign up and register for dance classes with K2 Dance Studios today, our dance instructors are excited to work with your young one and help them grow in their love of dance!