Eat less sugar. Drink more water. Work out more. The list of resolutions that people take on in the new year are always ambitious and related to self-improvement, something that our dance studio can get behind. This year, K2 Dance Studios in Corona has a list of New Year’s resolutions that any and every dancer can benefit from. Take a look at our dance-inspired resolutions, view our dance class descriptions, and sign up for classes with K2! We’re offering 50% off for new members in January — take this as your sign to try out dance in the new year.

As a dancer, I resolve to…

Stretch More

Stretching? Really? That seems like a boring resolution! It might not be as outwardly life-altering as other, more extravagant resolutions, but it is such a necessary one. Stretching and the proper warm-up routine prevents injuries, and are vital for dancers to continue dancing for longer. Your body will benefit and thank you when you take a more proactive and purposeful approach to stretching. Luckily, our dance studio makes it easy — we offer weekly stretch and flexibility classes!

Listen To My Body

When you get in the habit of dancing regularly, it can feel strange to take a day off or to do something outside of your routine. However, each of our bodies tells us things pretty regularly, and it’s up to us to listen and respect what they have to say. If your body is feeling tired, if a muscle is feeling wonky, if you can feel yourself practicing a little too hard and losing some of your form, your body is telling you to take a break. When it’s time to rest, you will know it, and it’s important to follow through (even if you don’t want to).

Conversely, sometimes we start going down unhealthy roads and know that we need to do something differently. If you’ve gotten in a habit of eating a bunch of delicious, leftover holiday cookies before dance class and end up feeling pretty ill throughout practice, you’ll likely need to change some things around.

Master A Move

Dance never comes easy! Practice is one way to master that specific, tricky dance movement that’s been bugging you for some time. The other way to enhance your possibility for success is to make a goal of it. People tend to be more successful when they form goals, because it gives them something to work towards. Make sure your goal is attainable — if you’re just starting out, doing a backflip into the splits might require more time and patience — and don’t worry about having a specific timetable. Just put the move you want to master on your goal list for the upcoming year, and start working on it!

Practice Growth Mindset

It is far too easy to be in a negative headspace when it comes to something that requires a lot of work and time. All too often, we can think “I’m no good at this,” or “I’ll never be successful” when a setback happens. Growth is not linear, and everything you do — successful or not — guides you in the process of reaching your goals. Don’t give up when things get tough, and be positive and gentle with yourself when you encounter roadblocks. You’ll enjoy dance so much more when you focus on the things you do well instead of the things you’ve yet to achieve.

Try Something New

Whether it’s a new class at our dance studio, a new stretching technique, a new dance move, or a new routine, make it your mission to take on something new this year. Being curious and trying new things are what make life interesting, and you’ll feel much more joy and excitement in your dance classes as well. View our dance class descriptions to see what stands out to you, check the schedule, and spice things up in the new year!

The great thing about dance resolutions is that they actually work for everyone. We could all stand to practice growth mindset, take on new challenges, and yes, even stretch more! Our Corona dance studio is offering 50% for new members in the new year, meaning that your child could knock out many of these resolutions, just by signing up! Get started with K2 Dance Studios for ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, and more!