1. K2 Dance Studios Corona Holiday Show

    At K2 dance in Corona we offer a wide range of experiences for your dancer ranging from: weekly technique classes, master classes with guest choreographers, an opportunity to be on our K2 dance comp team, a yearly holiday performance, and a yearly summer recital. Our Holiday performance at K2 dance in Corona is in-house where we celebrate: ● Your child’s growth throughout the season ● Any co…Read More

  2. New Year’s Resolutions For Dancers

    Eat less sugar. Drink more water. Work out more. The list of resolutions that people take on in the new year are always ambitious and related to self-improvement, something that our dance studio can get behind. This year, K2 Dance Studios in Corona has a list of New Year’s resolutions that any and every dancer can benefit from. Take a look at our dance-inspired resolutions, view our dance class …Read More

  3. Reasons to Give the Gift of Dance

    In our last blog, we talked about how you can surprise your loved one with the gift of dance lessons for the upcoming holiday season. Dance classes are something that everyone at every age can enjoy. They make an exceptional present, and one that will surely be remembered. But why exactly should you give the gift of dance? K2 Dance Studios is here to explain all. Stay tuned for reasons why you sho…Read More

  4. Give The Gift Of Dance Classes!

    Presents around the holidays are traditionally wrapped up in festive paper and shiny bows. Toys are given, or the latest technology, or a new outfit that is sure to be appreciated. But the thing about these things is just that — they’re things. They’ll eventually be outgrown, and they won’t last. When you give the gift of experiences, however, this is something that doesn’t fade away. Ex…Read More

  5. How You Should Spend Time Between Dance Classes

    How You Should Spend Time Between Dance Classes Breaks are an essential part of dance as they give you a chance to catch your breath and allow your body to cool down and get ready for the next class. K2 Dance Studio in Corona believes that dancers should use breaks between their classes in a productive way. Sometimes there's a transition between classes that requires an outfit change such as th…Read More

  6. Master Your Splits

    At K2 Dance Studio in Corona we are lucky enough to have Kylan Fischer, a revolutionary yogi and dancer. Miss Kylan teaches loves teaching our minis as well as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, technique and yoga classes to all ages.  She is also a social media Yoga influencer and health coach which means that she promotes health and well being through yoga on all her social media accounts. Kylan combi…Read More

  7. The Do’s and Don’ts of Stretching

    Stretching is one of the most important parts of a dancers daily routine and yet it is often overlooked and done incorrectly. A large majority of dancers experience ankle, knee, back and hip injuries from not stretching properly. At K2 Dance Studios we offer a wide range of stretch classes which will not only teach your dancer how to stretch correctly, but the teachers will monitor their progress …Read More

  8. Myths About Tap Dance

    Tap sometimes gets a weird reputation. People think it’s a strange dance form, they might find it on the kitschy side, and it feels like a dance form of long ago — not something that’s current in the dance world. K2 Dance Studios is here to dispel fact from fiction, and to debunk the myths that surround tap dance classes. We offer ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and, of course, tap classes for a vari…Read More

  9. What To Pack For Dance Classes

    When you go to your algebra math class, you make sure you have a notebook, calculator, and pencil. When you go on a trip, you do some research to see that you’ll be bringing the right clothes and other traveling gear. Even when you get ready to drive your car, you check for your license, keys, and wallet. Being prepared for a certain event or situation means having all the necessary items ready …Read More

  10. Fun Facts About Ballet

    Ballet is a dance form that seemingly has existed since the dawn of time. The pink tutus and the pointed shoes are a relic in the dance world, and nearly every great dancer has taken a ballet course at some point or another. Ballet is revered for its precise, yet fluid movements, ones which require undeniable strength, skill, poise, and balance. Most people have such a decent understanding about b…Read More